Spain has once been the educational center of the ancient world. In the old days, Spain was believed to have the knowledge from every corner of the world stored in its libraries. Despite the unfortunate loss of educational manuscripts, Spain has continued to recover and fill its educational institutes with knowledge about different kinds of subjects. Here is why and how you should consider studying in Spain:

Why study in Spain

Every year harbingers the influx of hundreds of international students who travel across hundreds of miles just to get enrolled in any of the 74 prestigious universities in Spain. Every student who lands in the universities of Spain knows just how much valuable information and experience these universities are filled with. Despite the differences in personal and academic goals, every student is well aware of how amazing an opportunity he is availing by studying in Spain. From enlightenment on different subject matters to gaining real-life experiences, every student leaves the Spanish universities with pockets full of skills and knowledge. Because of its culturally and educationally rich environment and history, Spain has made a distinctive place in the academic desires of academic students and can provide you with everything which you are looking for. Here is a brief evaluation of why you should get enrolled in Spanish educational institutions:

Exceptional Education System

Spain has impressively managed to not only devise a strategic educational system but also implement it on the well-manageable and effective basis. Because of the exceptionally brilliant educational system which is operational in all the universities and educational institutions, every student in Spain gets to enjoy equal opportunities at learning and practicality. More than 36% of US students are enrolled in Spanish universities which speaks volumes about the prominent position which Spain has attained in the education sector. Students who go to Spanish universities are more confident, skilled and experienced than anyone else. Thanks to its exceptional education system which puts Student’s interests over personal benefits.

Travel and Learn

Real Madrid and Barcelona are two of the very first thing which come to our mind whenever someone mentions Spain. These two cities surpass all perceptions of beauty which is why they are hot tourist attractions for everyone living in Spain. However, apart from these two cities, Spain is filled with some other tourist attractions which are worth seeing and spending time at. As a student, you get to a chance to spend a good time with your fellows in miles of lush green pastures and greeneries. In Spain, you can travel and study side by side without ever getting bored of anything.

Enjoy your stay

Spanish Institutions strictly follow the rule of all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Because of this reason, there is plenty of things to see and do for you in Spain. Take a step ahead, and you can enjoy a great travel experience to nearby cities of Paris and London. The country is filled with museums, art galleries, bars, clubs, eateries, parks, nature, and entertainment spots to keep you entertained during your stay. Whenever you get time to spare after attending classes and completing homework, you can sneak out with your friends to spend some quality time at any of the famous Spanish tourist attractions. To add fun to the run, Spain’s wonderful climate is always there to have your back.

Progressive Atmosphere

The universities in Spain have a very understanding and accommodating atmosphere. Every student is dealt with utmost attention and respect. The prospering cities of Madrid and Barcelona are constantly thriving because of which popular spots are always filled with tourists who are treated with sheer regard by locals. These cities are very comfortable to live in with the facilities available at an arm’s length.
All in all, studying in Spain is one of the wisest decisions you can ever make in your lifetime. Get a student visa today to enroll in Spanish universities.

Learn a New Language

Want to learn Spanish? There is no better place to do that than Spain itself. During your stay in the Educational institutes of Spain, you can opt for different courses and diplomas to study and learn Spanish. Add another language in your list of foreign languages to create an impressive portfolio of international diversity.

Affordable Tuition Rates

Affordable Tuition Rates

If you are worried about tuition fees in Spain, there is no need for that. Spain holds a very dear place in the eyes of students because of its affordable courses, degree programs, and tuition fees. The tuition fees for Spanish public universities are undoubtedly lower as compared to any other European university. May it is an undergraduate degree or a Ph.D. program, you can afford to study in Spain without getting bankrupt.
Moreover, different scholarships are also available for bright students to aid them in financial needs. The expenditure on books and other utilities is also reasonable so that you can enjoy an affordable study stay in Spain. If you invite your family to live in Spain, the government lets you do a job to support your family as well.

Wonderful Climate

Spain enjoys four seasons and so you. The weather is constantly delightful, and you can easily entertain yourself during days and nights equally. The average temperature in Spain stays around 59-degree Fahrenheit making it enjoyable for everyone. You can enjoy wearing your favorite clothes and indulging in seasonal activities as per your interest and location in the country.

Affordable Living

Living in Spain is as affordable as it can get. As compared to other European countries, Spain is highly accessible in its expenditures and facilities. As a college student who has a limited supply of cash, you can efficiently manage your monthly expenses and save some for entertainment and leisure. However, staying careful regarding your budget has never hurt anyone.



Upon landing in Spain, the first thing you will need to learn is Spanish. Several language courses are offered at every university in Spain. You can go for a diploma in the Spanish language to hone your language skills so that you can break language barriers. You can either go for Spanish as a minor subject or do a separate course for it. Each course is different in its timing and duration so you can select the one which fits your schedule and budget. Learning Spanish will not only expose you to the rich culture and history of Spain but also help you in communicating with other people around you.


Another subject of major interest for foreign and local Spanish students is Sports. Real Madrid and Barcelona are already world famous for their Football Clubs. You can get a chance to improve your sports skills as well as meet the representatives of different clubs if you are good enough. Moreover, who knows you might be playing in the next FIFA world cup with your favorite team? Apart from Football, you can also go for volleyball and basketball. Hockey is also another good sport to pursue. You can also find a number of indoor games to pursue your career in Spain.

Undergraduate (bachelor degree)

Undergraduate degree programs in Spain are specially designed for students who have completed their high school education from their native countries. These programs are a complete package of theory knowledge and experience for students.
Duration: A bachelor’s degree in Spain takes three to four years of full-time study or worth 180 to 240 ECTS or credits
Cost of Bachelor degrees: between 750 – 2,100 EUR/year

Types of Undergraduate Degrees Available in Spain

You can opt for an undergraduate degree in some subjects which primarily include:
– Engineering
– Sciences
– Social Law
– Arts & Humanities
– Business Law

Once you have successfully put your foot in the door, the universities in Spain will help you out in mastering your expertise. You can further opt for masters and Ph.D. degree programs after completing undergraduate studies.

Postgraduate (Master)

Spain is an educational heaven for all those who want to pursue professional studies in prestigious Spanish universities. It lets you access advanced labs and professional instructors to offer you valuable training and information on current educational scope and trends on the postgraduate level. Postgraduate degrees in Spain are a good choice if you want to earn global recognition of your specialty.

Duration: 10 to 24 months or between 60 and 120 ECTS
Expenses: between 900 – 3,300 EUR/year
Tuition fees in public universities: between 750 – 2,100 EUR/year

Currently, the universities in Spain are offering Master’s degree programs in a wide range of subjects which include:
Aerospace Science
Advanced English
Human Language
Art History Advanced
Family Intervention Master’s
Business Law
International MBA
Language Processing
Pain Treatment
Business marketing


Willing to master your skills in a particular degree program? Spanish universities also offer Ph.D. programs in the degree of your interest. Spanish corporations are always on the hunt of recruiting new and experienced professionals which can prove their skills on practical grounds. You can easily pursue a reputed Ph.D. program under the supervision of expert instructors to make a career of your choice.
Masters expenses: between 900 – 3,300 EUR/year
Duration: 3 years to 5 years (with thesis submission)

Additional info:

Student visa (including any application fee and financial proof requirement)

Visa is required for anyone who wants to stay in Spain for either a short trip or an extended duration of academic degree completion. The procedure for applying for Student Visa for US citizens is entirely different and encompasses the following things which need to be fulfilled:


  • Two dully filled and signed Schengen Application forms.
  • A passport that is valid for the intended period of your stay in Spain and has at least one blank page for visa affixation.
  • Provide either of the following:
    • A driver’s license
    • State ID card or
    • Current student ID
  • Two recent passport size photos were taken in a white background. One on each application form
  • Letter of acceptance from Spain’s University/School or local educational program indicating the name, address and registration number of the school with Spain’s Department of Education;
  • The letter shall also state the acceptance and verification of full payment of all of the costs of tuition, subjects of the study, duration of the program, and hours of study per week, no less than 20.
  • Health Insurance
  • Proof of financial means during your stay which can be any of the following:
  • Evidence of financial aid or scholarship for room and board
  • Letter from the University or School in Spain or the native country assuming full financial responsibility during your stay
  • Notarized letter from your parents or legal guardians assuming full financial responsibility for room and board.

Make sure to check with the Embassy for the availability of these documents so you can fulfill these requirements. Once you have all of the documents mentioned above in hand, you can apply for a student visa with confidence.

Work permission

Getting work permit in Spain can be achieved by following some channels. You can opt for any of the following ways to apply for work permit in Spain without the need of leaving the country. Here is all you need to know about work permit in Spain:

Student Visa Modification

If you are a student in Spain who wants to shift from student residency to work residency, apply for Student Visa Modification by fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Proof of study in Spain for 3 years or more in a registered Student residency card
  • Job offer valid for 1 year
  • Freelancers can show job contracts which show a wage equivalent of 6,390.13 euros/year

Upon approval of the application, you can attain temporary work residency which is valid for one year and can renew after 1 year.

Highly skilled workers

If you are a college professional with a good job offer, you can get a Highly skilled work permit.

You must fill the following requirements:

  • Proof of college education and a job offer matching your skills
  • Legally Spanish
  • Shall be able to pay a fee of 25,000 euros per year for higher chances of approval

Upon approval of the application, you can attain temporary work residency which is valid for two years and can renew.

Student living expenses including (rent, transport, Food, Health insurance)

Living in Spain is quite affordable, especially for students. The government does much to facilitate foreign students to accommodate in Spain whilst completing their studies. Here is a round-up of all the expenses you require for studying in Spain:

  • Bachelor’s degree education Approximated total cost: Ranging from 680 to 1,280 Euros per school year (public university)
  • This amount is fixed by Autonomous Community. It is foxed and shall be paid to the universities.

Fees for attending Public Universities in Spain:

  • For Bachelor’s degree: Varies from 5,500 to 18,000 Euros per school year.
  • For Master’s or Doctoral degrees: vary between 22 and 36 Euros per credit

Note that:

  • If you want to enroll in Public University in Spain after dropping out, tuition fee will increase.
  • Students in their second round at college can find costs of attending school to earn a bachelor’s degree up to 2100 Euros per school year
  • The third round can cause the tuition fees to increase by as much as 33 Euros per semester
  • Earning a Master’s degree has costs of as much as 34 Euros for second-time students
  • As for second time Ph.D. students, they may pay as much as 55 Euros per semester to get their education.

Other Expenses to Consider

  • Student residence -from 360 to 650 EUR/month.
  • Rent an apartment –between 450 and 700 EUR/month.
  • Homestay –around 700 – 800 EUR/month, with meals included.
  • Basic utilities 115 EUR/month
  • internet: 30 EUR/month
  • monthly groceries- between 300 and 450 EUR
  • Public transport usually costs 1.5 EUR per trip,
  • monthly transport pass-42 EUR, over 54 EUR in large cities.
  • Special classes: from 30 EUR to around 200 EUR
  • Books, supplies and other learning materials: 900 EUR/year
  • Medical insurance: between 70 and 180 EUR/year
Investment Opportunities In Spain

Students who wish to add global value to their portfolio can actively participate in investment opportunities available in Spain. Because of its domestic stability, Spain has earned the trust of many foreign investors, consequently creating better working opportunities. After the recession of 2013, the property prices in Spain have recovered until now. Foreigners who invested in inexpensive Real Estate in Spain during 2013 are continuously reaping profits as the economy continues to grow. Programs like Golden Visa and similar scenarios are promising opportunities for students and foreign investors to invest in property in Spain and expect large capital income and ROIs.

Country Profile

Every investor knows the importance of evaluating the potential of a potential country before going heads deep into the deal. Spain holds a special attraction for foreign investors because of its Golden Visa and Entrepreneurship Visa programs. Apart from economic stability, the second most important thing to consider before investing in a country is to check whether it is safe for you and your business or not.

Fortunately, Spain has achieved a 23rd ranking out of 163 countries in 2017’s Global Peace Index. Incidents such as political terror, homicides, violent demonstrations, terrorism, and neighboring country threats are evaluated to be low in this Country.

Speaking of economic scenario, Spain enjoys the 14th largest economy globally. This fact is evident from the exchange rate of the euro which falls at €1 = $1.19 USD (0.925 GBP, $1.48 CAD).

Here are some other statistics which speak in favor of Spain’s suitability for investment:

  • Labor Force: 23 million
  • Ease of doing business ranking: 32nd
  • GDP: $1.786 trillion USD (2017)
  • Average Net Salary (after-tax): $22,428 annually

Main industries for investment:

Apart from the properties and real estate industry, Spain holds promising prospects for investment and high ROI on the following industries:

  • Tourism
  • Textiles
  • Chemicals
  • Food and beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Machinery
  • Metals and manufacturing chemicals
  • Automobiles
  • Shipbuilding

Why invest in Spain?


One of the primary reasons as to why foreigners decide to invest in Spanish property is because of its affordability. You can hardly find any European country offering as many investment perks as Spain’s property market.

Safety and Stability:

The second thing which makes Spain a suitable hub for investment is political stability. Following it are the international safety and national security which promise investor’s safety as well as business proliferation.

Diverse programs:

A plethora of beneficial visa and residency programs are available at the disposal of foreign expats. As a student, living abroad in Spain can open new gateways for settlement, study, and business to start afresh in new lands and attain the status of a permanent citizen with time.

Golden Visa

After the hit of 2013’s recession to Spain’s economy, the government created the Golden Visa program for non-EU citizens to achieve maximum benefits from minimum investment approximately €500,000 as well as quick residency. This program was specially made for property investment by foreigners in Spain. The crux of this program revolves around the goal of investing in property and setting up Businesses to feed money back into the economy of Spain by creating employment opportunities for Spanish citizens.

Perks of Golden Visa:

If you look at the Golden Visa Program as a whole, it offers numerous investment and residency benefits. With an investment of only €500,000 in property, you can enjoy following perks:

  • Spanish residency for your entire family (including children, dependents, and spouse)
  • Free travel visa across all of the countries in the EU Schengen region
  • Temporary residency without the need of fulfilling any in-country stay limits

In short, the Spanish Golden Visa is synonymous to a Golden ticket which lets you travel freely in and out of Spain whilst maintaining a temporary residency in Spain. This program is especially beneficial to those students who are seeking residential opportunities in Spain and want to maintain a permanent work and residency in Spain.

Permanent residency:

If you want to attain permanent residency in Spain, you can get it after spending 5 years in Spain under the temporary residency permit of this program. After that, you can qualify for Spanish citizenship after spending another 5 years under the permanent residency permit in Spain.

Starting a Business in Spain

If you have a thing for entrepreneurship, Spain has got you covered in this regard as well. All you need to do is be willing to invest in starting a business in Spain in order to receive temporary residency permit in Spain. This visa program requires you to employ a specific percentage of Spanish citizens with an annual tax of 15% during the first two years and 25% during the rest of years of business.

In conclusion, you can benefit from a myriad of investment opportunities in Spain as a student. If you are looking for an affordable market in Spain for investment, don’t forget to take a look at the property market.