Golden Visa

What is a golden visa in Spain?
This permit allows you, including your spouse and underage children (if they are old and still under your economic sponsorship) to live and work legally in Spain, without having to visit the country more than once a year. In addition, this visa also allows you to move freely within the Schengen area. We can apply for your residence on your behalf electronically and you will receive a residence card when you are in Spain.

This type of permit is available to all citizens from outside the European Union who wish to move to live in Spanish territory after investing an amount of five hundred thousand euros to purchase a property in Spain.

The law regulating the golden visa is “Law 14/2013, issued on September 27.

Who should apply for a visa or residence permit?
The investor or his legal representative must apply for a visa or residence permit via the application form.

It is important to distinguish where you are on the application date to see if you will apply for your investor visa or, conversely, for a residence permit:

Investor visa, if you are outside Spain when you apply. Visa applications must be submitted at the Spanish Consulate in your country or country of residence. Residence permit applications must be submitted when you are on Spanish territory in the Unit for Large Business and Strategic Groups (UGE-CE) Residence Permit. We can submit all documents and requests on your behalf electronically.
Can family members benefit from the principal applicant’s investment?
Yes, they can also apply for a golden visa if they have any of the following relationships

Spouse or Civil partner
Minor children or those who are over the legal age and are financially dependent on the main applicant.
Parents if they are financially dependent on the applicant.
How long is the permit period for a golden visa in Spain?
As you will see, the difference between submitting a golden visa / investor visa in Spain or outside Spain affects the deadline for granting the visa or residence permit:

Investor visa: one year.
Residence permit: 2 years
Renewal of the residence permit: 5 years. The renewal does not require an actual residence in Spain, as it is possible to come one day a year to renew the residence and return to the country of residence.